One of the best things about running my own accounting classes is the ability to shape young minds. One of the ways that I shape these young minds is by answering common Frank Dinucci questions.

I get many different questions every day, both during my classes, during my office hours, and even when I am out on the street. I get so many that I decided to start this FAQ page. Read on and see if you find answers to any of your questions below.

Why is accounting such a worthwhile occupation?

When I see youngsters go to college, I see them majoring in a plethora of different subjects but they aren’t always majoring in things that will get them a long-term job.

One of the reasons that I recommend accounting is that every company in the world has an accounting department because every business needs to keep track of the money they are taking in and what they are putting out. I always answer these common Frank Dinucci questions in this fashion.

Another of the common Frank Dinucci questions Do you have any statistics about the accounting profession?

Sure do! Statistics released by Forbes in 2013 report that there are over 28 million small businesses in the country while another 22 million people are self-employed. The fact is that all of these small businesses need accountants so apply immediately!

How do you find time to answer all of these common Frank Dinucci questions?

That is the interesting thing about having your own business. It often takes so much time to run that you don’t have time to help beginners. The trick is managing your time so that you can do what you need to do while also ensuring that the minds of tomorrow are properly educated.

I will always find time to answer these questions because I think that accounting is that important to the world.