Accounting: Frank Dinucci Class Details

While in my accounting classes, my students learn a large volume of principles that could be important in any accounting job they ever take. So who so I teach, what do I teach and where do I teach them. Learn more about the Dinucci class details below.

Who I Teach

The great thing about my classes is that anyone can learn the accounting techniques used in just about every business in America. Although I teach plenty of paying customers, I am also proud to teach those who do not have access to education including poor individuals and even prisoners.

This enables these incarcerated individuals the opportunity to learn skills so that they can find a job upon their release.

What I Teach

I want my students to have a wide range of accounting skills when they leave my class. That is why Dinucci class details include teaching simple and more complex principles.

Some of these basic lessons include debit and credit, general ledger entries, Debits and Credits, Revenues and Expenses, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, how to value inventory.

Advanced instruction includes learning about Cash Flow Statements, Ratio Analysis, Income Statements, and Breakeven Point Analysis and more.

Where I Teach

I teach my classes in a bunch of different places and the best part is that many of these classes are free.

I sponsor many free workshops, seminars, and classes for the small business owners of Chicago, in order to teach them important accounting skills, techniques, and relevant tools that can empower them to run their businesses more shrewdly and save more money.

My workshops are held for two hours every Saturday and Sunday morning. All of the workshops are held in large open rooms so there is plenty of seating for everyone. Every student has their own computer to work off of.